Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm taking a leap

Sorry if some of you are getting this post twice...I'm trying to activate the Networked Blogs Application and I'm just not sure it's working. I should say that I'm just not sure I'm techie enough to figure it out.

Not off of a bridge or anything remotely that drastic. I'm talking about a leap of faith. I decided to open up an Etsy shop to try to sell some homemade goodies. I am starting with only 3 item to "test" the waters. I know a lot of people are successful on Etsy but I also know that a newbie like me could easily get lost in the shuffle...there is SO much on Esty, not to mention some seriously talented people. So, here goes nothing. I'm starting with the three heart shaped wreaths below (they also now appear on the left hand side under "My Esty Shop").

I thought with Valentine's Day around the corner that they would be appropriate.

They may sell, they may  not but I guess I will never know unless I try.

Have a great day!


  1. Aaron, You are quite talented and make some awesome things.... You will do fine! (I have faith in you!)

  2. They are beautiful! I'm sure you will do great! Keep us posted on how it is going - I've thought about Etsy as well and would love to know what your experience is like. Best of luck!

  3. Beautiful wreaths, I especially like the burlap one!!


  4. I love the fact that they are not typical
    Valentine colors. I love the pinks and reds, but it is nice to see something different.

  5. I love these wreaths!! Good luck with etsy! I'm new to the blog world and read your first post, after reading all your posts, and you said everything I feel. I'm hoping to be as good as you in the future.


  6. The burlap one is sooo cool! Thank you for sharing them with us. Hope your Valentines is super sweet!

    Blessings... Polly
    Counting Your Blessings & French Cupboard

  7. I love these! I have seen tons of Valentine's wreaths but yours is the BEST! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope your Etsy Shop is a huge success!

  8. I love burlap and I love your idea. Please consider sharing your creativity with others, link up to my blog bash K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Sunday, the link is open til Tues. evening. :)


  9. I feel confidant you will do well with your taste! I for one am drooling over your wreaths and am venturing over to you shop. I have an etsy shop as well, kinda just started I wish you luck my fellow etsy artisian! I am going to heart your shop and look at your wares!

  10. Oh Sweetie, I just looked and it was very hard picking wich one to put in my Shantygirl Ranch home.......but I am excited I picked one out. Your shop will do really well, lovely lovely lovely!!

  11. These are lovely! I would love to feature one in an "I Heart Wreaths" post I putting up tonight (or tomorrow, I'm casual...) -- with proper credit and a link, of course. Would you mind?

  12. Hi Aaron! I love your wreath. I wrote about it on my blog, Adirondack Girl @ Heart and linked back to you. You can find it at: http://dpetrillo.blogspot.com/2014/02/happy-valentines-day-minus-two-and.html Thanks! Diana