Monday, March 14, 2011

basket update

This is what a little spray paint and lace can do.

Remember how it looked before? It was sad, ugly and a very dated shade of pink. Check it out here

It took an ENTIRE can of spray paint primer to cover that pink. I did a quick swipe of satin white spray paint once the primer was dry. I had this piece of lace that I found at a garage sale. It already had a ruffle attached like someone was going to make a skirt out of it but never finished. It fit perfectly inside my newly white basket.

Cost: $1 for basket, $3.60 spray paint, $0.25 lace

But I think she looks like a million bucks all staged out. Yep, I said she. Look at it...she has to be a she, right?!

I live in St. Louis and the weather is crazy today. Two days ago we had 63 degree weather. Today, SNOW! Doesn't mother nature know I have an entire list of things I need to spray paint outside. Oh well, until warmer days are here to stay this little basket is brightening up my mood.

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