Friday, October 15, 2010

I am a huge decorating nerd!

Okay,  I am just a little  bit excited.  Okay, let's get real...I'm bouncing off the walls here people.  As you know I just starting "blogging" (I'm still not convinced that what I do once every 2-3 weeks can be called blogging) and an amazing decorating blog that I have followed for a while now featured me and my mantel on her blog yesterday.  She has several blogs featured for their mantel decor and MINE was one of them.  Pinch me! 

It's official, I'm a decorating nerd.  I can't help myself...I'm really am excited by this. 
Go check it out here:  The Stories of A-Z

Go check out all the amazing work these ladies did with their Halloween decor this year.  I can't believe the creativity!

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