Thursday, July 15, 2010

Helloooo out there!

Hi! So what in the world am I doing? Yep, I don't know either! I don't know the first thing about blogging, I don't even know what (if anything) of merit that I have to write about, and maybe most importantly I'm not sure that there is anyone out there who wants to hear the rants, raves, pictures and interests of this crazy and slightly neurotic girl.

Listen people I have so much going on in my head sometimes that I literally CAN NOT sleep because ideas, projects and check lists are running through my mind. Maybe, just maybe, getting those random things down in print will get them out of my head long enough to get some zzzzz's. Here's hoping anyway!

So let the adventure begin! I already have some pictures I took some projects that I'm working on so look for new posts in the next couple of days.


  1. Welcome to the mommy blogosphere! I also blog about random crap, whether anyone is listening or not I really don't care :) I am now following your blog, come follow mine!

  2. Looking forward to your blogging!

  3. Thanks for stopping by...I hope you post your zinc CB frame...I want to see it! Good luck with your blog, sweetie!