Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you done with Summer!?

I'm done with summer...I mean D. O. N. E., done!  We have had a ridiculously hot summer and it's not even August yet.  Ugh.  I'm ready for Fall.  I love Fall...jeans and sweatshirts and my friends.  I love pumpkins, colored leafs and crisp nights.  I'm dreaming of hay rides and apple cider.

By the way, do you call if Fall or Autumn?  I think the word Autumn is so pretty but I always end up saying Fall.

I've started {slowly} getting my Fall line together.

Here is one of my new items {set of natural pumpkin table numbers for weddings}:

I'm going to be making some sets of 3 with wording on them for home decor as well.  I just love them.

Try to stay cool and enjoy the rest of your week!

~Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}
Mudpies & Marigolds


  1. I couldn't agree with you more!! I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana and lived here all my life and I have never liked summer weather which last about 9 months around here! Can't wait till Fall/Autumn comes around! Love your stuff! Can't wait to see what you will come up with next!

  2. totally agree...way too hot! and i'm in love with your pumpkin numbers/words idea, so cute and country!

  3. I'm not ready to give up my grip on summer just yet even though we've had terrible heat here too. In my part of the states we call it fall.

    I am in love with your pumpkins, what a wonderful unique idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. These are darling, Aaron. I am having too much fun this summer, in spite of the heat, so I am taking it day by day. I love fall but winter is so close behind it and I'm not a big fan of winter!!

    Stay cool...September is only a little more than a month away!


  5. I am in Texas and YES I too am DONE with summer. You can't even get cold water out of the tap. The AC runs all day and the house is still warm (85-87).

    I say bring on fall!

  6. Oh boy, we have had NO heat up here in the North!! I am still looking forward to Fall, though:). Your pumpkins are simply darling! What a cute idea!


  7. I'm with ya on this one. Fall is my favorite season! Pumpkins are very cute. I am so ready to drag all of my fall decor out. Going to follow so that I can hang out over here this fall to see what you do.

  8. I'm about done with the Midwestern heat too. I love your pumpkins. They are wonderful!

  9. I'm with you, let's just jump on into Fall! Summer is too hot for me plus Fall is so much more fun to decorate for. Love the pumkpins. And love the idea of numbering them for the wedding crowd.

  10. Oh, I so agree......I am done with summer!!!!!

    I usually call it Fall....for some reason Autumn sounds a bit stuffy.

    And those are some awesome pumpkins!!!

    Most excellent idea.

  11. Loving this idea for an October wedding I am planning! Your stuff is beautiful. New follower :)

    Come check out my vintage wedding stuff!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  12. These are awesome, Aaron! Featuring them tonight. Thank you for linking with Air Your Laundry Friday! xo Jami

  13. So ready for fall already too! I've found myself admiring all of the fall projects and pictures on pinterest. Particularly love your pumpkins!

  14. After this summer, sounds like everyone's in agreement about an early autumn! lol! I must admit, as much as I moan and groan and whine during the long cold winter months (hating every day it snows...), I hide inside with the AC cranked up when it's hot and humid! So, yup. I'm ready for a nice, dry, autumn in the 60's - with lots of sunshine! Looking forward to my jeans and sweatshirts... :) And I LUV your sweet pumpkins! Can hardly wait til I see them in your shop!

    xoxo laurie

  15. SO pretty. I prefer autumn too, it's hot but not like melting hot. x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

  16. I'm in Florida and believe me summer is long but not as hot at most you have had. Our summer does not end until mid October so we have learned to enjoy it. Sunset at the beach keeps us happy.

  17. S0 pretty....Great post at the right time for me..

  18. I love these table settings!!! I was wondering if you have the prices? I am a fall bride and these fit our theme very well!